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Many things can lead you to ask for a door lock replacement and having problems with your door lock can make you lose tons of time in the long term.  That issue worsens in commercial businesses. The doors in an office space are often used more regularly than those used in a residential space. Office workers and business owners can’t afford to lose time due to a nonfunctional business lock. 


Mortise Lock Installation In Oak Park Florida

  You don't only need Lock Replacement Services For Businesses when your locks are broken, though. A business owner in Oak Park wanted to improve the security in their office. To achieve that, they asked for a complete door lock replacement service for all the locks in their business. 

  Modern locks are safer than older ones. They are optimized to improve security and make it more difficult for other people to get into your building. Don’t hesitate to Call Unlock Me and Services Inc whenever you need a doorknob replacement in Tampa, FL!

New Commercial Locks Installed 

  The client was desperate when he called us. He said he didn’t want robbers or any kind of criminal to break into his business. That issue happened to one of his friends. Since our services are available in Oak Park, Tampa, Florida, going there wasn’t a problem for us. 

  He told us he wanted to replace all the locks in the business with new ones. That’s because the building’s locks were old and didn’t offer much protection. After explaining to him which lock was better for his situation, we decided to go for New Mortise Locks from Schlage. 

Directions From Unlock Me And Services Inc To Oak Park Florida


  The Commercial Locksmith from Unlock Me And Services Inc went to the company and examined all the door locks. We started removing the old door locks once we received the new ones. This process doesn’t take much time, so we could get it done the same day. That means the client got his Same Day Commercial Locks Installed very quickly, just within a few hours after calling us.  

  The Schlage Lock Installation process was not complicated. That’s because there wasn’t any problem with the door that could keep us from replacing the old lock model with a new one. Making sure everything is okay once you finish is one of the most important parts of the process, so we tested each door and lock, and all of the Mortise Commercial Door Locks  worked perfectly.



  Feeling safe in your business or household is priceless. This client felt happier than ever when he saw all his old locks were gone. New mortise locks are popular among office businesses, so we are used to installing them.  Give the Commercial Lock Pros at Unlock Me And Services Inc a call if you need a Commercial Door Lock Replacement in Oak Park!

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