Commercial Locksmith Services For Tampa Bay Area Businesses

Our Commercial Locksmith Services offer you the ability to protect your company and your employees. Unlock Me & Services Inc offers your Tampa Business amazing Industrial and Physical Security services including Panic Bars and Emergency Exit Doors, Keyless Entry Access Control Systems, and Facility Re-mastering

Physical Security & Access Control For Bay Area Stores

The security of your business is one of the most important focuses of a business owner in Hillsborough. Your business needs to have reliable Security Door Locks, that protect your companies assets and information and your customer’s personal information. 

 Unlock Me & Services Inc has local locksmiths that know the best security locks and systems, to use in different scenarios and setups. Our smiths are only installing the most technologically advanced commercial door locks and master key sets. We are a reputed company offering bespoke Commercial Locksmith solutions in Tampa, FL. Our lock n key master technicians are aware of the different applications and needs of business owners around the bay area. They will discuss the possible set-ups and applications for your business and together you will have the perfect security door locks and key sets.

This will give you peace of mind in knowing that you and your customer’s data is secure and protected. And also, you will have better access to your building, with flexible access key sets and secure logins. 

Experienced Commercial Locksmiths 

Whether you operate a storefront, office, warehouse, or have your business spread out across multiple locations, you will know that your sites are secure with us. Unlock Me & Services Inc has the team and experience to provide around the clock support at each of your locations in the bay area. Having a master locksmith on call will really change the way you feel about the security of your company. 

Industrial Locksmith Services 

We work with high-security locks that provide increased resistance to compromise due to having a proper security rating. This is achieved due to the lock design that resists manipulation and forced entry, making any attempt to circumvent it time-consuming and expensive to break.

Interested in having our Locksmith Professionals look at improving the security systems and door locks at your home? Learn more about our Residential Locksmith Services in Tampa

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial Locksmiths help local business owners improve and maintain their physical security systems like Exit Doors, Panic Bars, Access Control Systems, and Master Key Sets or Safes. 

A good Locksmith for businesses will know how to Rekey Steel Door Locks, Replace Commercial Door Locks, Repair Mortise Locks, and other ways to secure, improve, and upgrade the Storefront Door and it’s Locks or Keys. 

Services that increase security at a local business site include:

  • Emergency Building and Office Lockouts

  • New Building and Office Key Creation or Duplications

  • Commercial Lock Repair

  • Comercial Key Sets

  • Exit Door Locks

  • Panic Bars 

  • Commercial Lock Repair

  • File Cabinet Locks

  • Safe Lockouts

  • High-Security Locks

  • Desk Locks

  • Commercial Key Pads

  • Master Key Sets

  • Mortise Locks

  • Installation of Locks After A Breakin or Robbery

  • Physical Security Systems

  • Employee Access Control Systems