Clearwater, Fl-Unlock Me & Services Inc Offers Locksmith Services In Your Area

“Unlock Me & Services Inc” is a local locksmith company that serves the Clearwater, Fl area. They work 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We provide high-quality services in a professional way, serving you with highly trained personnel that are licensed, bonded, and insured. 

Remember that each service requires personalized attention; these costs only serve as a reference in the most common service situations.

Clearwater Florida Locksmith Services

Our Moblie Locksmith Team is trained in all the major areas that a professional locksmith should be. We are ready for any Automotive, Residential, Commercial, or Emergency Locksmith situations you may find yourself in. 

Automotive Services 

Specialists in Automotive locks, ignitions, keys, and window locks, our lock n key technicians also offer car key making, programming, simulations, coding, repair of car cards, and controls. We are also trained in auto lockouts for all major Domestic and Foreign brands of cars, trucks, vans, and even motorcycles.

Your Residential Security Solution

We make duplicates of keys of all national brands and try to have the materials to make duplicates of import or international and exclusive locks. We handle the best brands in the market. We try to give security to our customers. We do not make duplicates of keys engraved in soap, plasticine, traces, etc.

Commercial Security Locks And Systems

Are there any vaults in your business? The walls or sidewalls of a vault are generally made of reinforced concrete in which great care is taken in its construction so that they are as hard as possible.

The door can have one or two locks that can be mechanical or electronic. The vaults regularly have another security device called a TIMER to reinforce security. The function of the TIMER is to make the vault door only open after the programmed period of inactivity. There are mechanical and digital TIMERS in the market. The digital ones are discontinuing the mechanics.

When opening a device of this nature, it is essential to know how its mechanism works. Being a maximum security device, when trying to open it and not knowing what is being done, it could block it. We are at your service for this type of service. We have the necessary tool and knowledge.

Emergency Help For The Clearwater Community

Ever been locked out of your car or truck, able to see your keys inside the vehicle, and it’s 100 degrees outside? Or lost your front door keys and can’t even get into your own home? These are just the situations Unlock Me & Services Inc is trained to help you with. Our 24-hour emergency customer service line is ready to help you in your greatest time of need, with a poliete and highly trained locksmith technician. Car lockouts, home lockouts, any issue and we can assist you, quickly and at a reasonable price. 

Not a member of the Clearwater community? Do you live in another near Tampa area of town? Our lock n key technicians serve areas all around the Tampa Bay area including “Dunedin, Fl“.