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Areas Served-Tampa, FL Including Hillsborough and Pinellas And Pasco County

Our  Locksmithing Company  Offers Locksmith Services Near You-24 Hours A Day From Our Downtown Tampa Office on North Ashley Drive.

Unlock Me & Services Inc-Our Main Office is located in Downtown Tampa at 601 N Ashley Dr Ste 1100-157 Tampa, FL 33602

Unlock Me & Services Inc has been serving the Tampa Community Since 2014

We opened our doors over 6 years ago now and have been growing every since. Our main office for our Locksmith Servicemen is in Downtown Tampa, FL, right across the street from the Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, where you can see Seminole fans and Tampa Bay Buccaneer fans walking their dogs.  

Our Locksmith Company has done amazing work from our location in Tampa Bay, near the Tampa Pizza Company. The office’s location in Central Tampa is perfect for responding quickly to Emergency Locksmith Calls almost anywhere in Hillsborough County in around 15 minutes.

Also, our Tampa Area Locksmith Professionals can respond to a call for an install of a Kwikset Smart Lock and Key set  in either Pinellas County or Pasco County in around 25 minutes, most of the time. 

Driving Directions From The Tampa International Airport To Unlock Me & Services Inc

Tampa International Airport

4100 George J Bean Pkwy, Tampa, FL 33607
  • Get on FL-60 E from Airport Access Rd/Bessie Coleman Blvd and George J Bean Outbound Pkwy/George J Bean Pkwy

  • Take I-275 N to N Tampa St. Take exit 44 from I-275 N

  • Follow N Tampa St to your destination

Unlock Me & Services Inc

601 N Ashley Dr Ste 1100-157, Tampa, FL 33602


Our Locksmith Company's Service Areas In The Tampa–St. Petersburg–Clearwater Metropolitan Statistical Area

Unlock Me & Services Inc offers amazing locksmith services to the surrounding towns, cities, and communities in the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater Metropolitan Areas. This is our “Areas Served“, which includes the counties of Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco

Locksmith Clearwater Beach, FL

Information About Places, People, And Things In The Tampa Area

If you’re not a professional athlete, there are still plenty of ways to get active in Tampa. Golf is very popular here, including the PGA and Champions Tours who visit the course every year. 
Stroll along the paths and encounter a variety of birds, birds of prey and other wildlife. Rent a kayak and spend a romantic afternoon in one or two canoes or bring a friend for a day of hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking or other outdoor activities. Check out the Tampa Bay Aquatic Center for all the activities you might be interested in and find out what you’re up to.

Visit the TECO Manatee Viewing Center to see the manatees in the protected area, which is filled with gentle giants huddling in warm water. We have the equipment and staff to give your pet the advanced emergency and specialized medical care it deserves. The Tampa Bay Veterinary Medical Center, a member of the Florida Department of Veterinary Medicine, provides a wide range of emergency medical services for pets and their families.

If you are searching for a good veterinarian in Tampa, look up BluePearl Vet Clinic. They are one of the best vets in the Tampa Area.

We had a family of six and also went to the zoo, Lowry Park and the museum, but on the first day we tried it we couldn’t go. The zoo is so much more fun than spending over $100 per ticket just to get to Busch Gardens. For the same money, you get five different seats, including Bush Gardens, and you can have fun for a whole day, which is five times as much as entry to Bus ch Gardens!
It’s definitely worth skipping some of the attractions, but not the zoo, Lowry Park, or museum.

Close to Channelside and the Port of Tampa, you will also find a variety of restaurants and shops. This offer allows you to visit some of the best attractions in Tampa and save a lot of money. You can forget your city pass to visit Busch Gardens and 4 other venues for as little as $5 a day, $10 a week, or even $20 a year for a Busch Pass.

With a population of more than two million people, the community of Tampa Bay is one of the largest medium-sized markets in the country. Tampa is also home to the University of Florida, Florida Atlantic University, and Florida State University.

The area around Tampa Bay is also known as the Lightning Capital of North America, with the average resident being within a mile of a lightning strike 10 to 15 times a year. There is a reason why the ice hockey arena and the football team are called Blitz and Storm respectively. Since water literally revolves around us, our lives revolve around us just as it literally revolves around water.

As the weather in Tampa is subtropical, it is sunny most of the year, but it can also be sunny at times. Spring, autumn, and most winters will have a mixture of warm, sunny days and cold, rainy days.
As we are surrounded by water, heat and humidity lead to heavy thunderstorms most afternoons and rain showers in the evening.

The city of Ybor, which gave birth to the cigar industry, is today known for its old red brick buildings, which now house condominiums, office buildings, restaurants, bars and other shops. Young condominium dwellers now populate downtown, with regular festivals, concerts, and events taking place in the manicured Curtis Hixon Park.

It is known for its restaurants and bars and offers many opportunities for shopping and dining. It is home to many of the city’s most popular tourist attractions, including the Florida Museum of Natural History, Florida State University, and the University of Florida.

The Jr. Center for the Performing Arts is just a five-minute walk from the campus and Bayshore Boulevard offers access to many of the city’s most popular restaurants, bars, and hotels.

The Tampa Museum of Art opened in February 2010 and offers traveling exhibitions on the Tampa Riverwalk as well as a variety of educational programs. The Tampa Bay Aquarium, the largest aquarium in the United States, is just 10 minutes from the campus.

A 30-minute drive brings visitors into contact with artists such as Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, and Matisse. Another popular attraction in Tampa is the Tampa Bay Aquarium, one of the largest aquariums in the United States. Just a five-minute walk from the campus is the Florida Performing Arts Center, home to the Florida Institute of Technology at the University of Florida.